Monday, April 07, 2008

Mobile Art

More photos to erase from my phone but now forever enshrined on the InterBlag:

Outside Zionsville, IN

Form over function: Tall, thin space-efficient San Fransisco townhomes in the wide plains of Indiana.

Writing on the Wall

Most graffiti is a sign of low property value. Not this sucker. If you see Cloudy McSilverRain here tagged near you, it means you'll soon be priced out of your neighborhood.


Poor Steezo -- always parked in the wrong place (but technically the right place) at the wrong time.

McDonalds in Lake Station, IN


Tim Cigelske said...

I can't tell what that last photo is, besides depressing. Are those wild turkeys strung up on the wall?

Brian said...

I have no idea. For a while I thought they were bowling pins. Your guess is as good as mine.