Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Brian's T-Shirt Project

Perhaps it's a "growing up" thing, maybe it's the fact that Winter is driving me crazy, or maybe it's just the fact I have WAY too many t-shirts. Either way. I need to get rid of most of my T's.

This will be an emotional 'lil farewell -- some of these I've had for 10+ Years. I can't just thrown them out. So, what I've decided to do is EBAY them all off. And then, hopefully, track where each one is, like little cotton orphans.

This is the first google image for the search "cotton orphans":

I digress. So, as the washer/dryer in my apartment basement is working over time this week, I'm ready to get moving on my little project.

Ideally, I'll like to commemorate my losses by making a huge, tiled poster of all my former colorful, sometimes ironic, sometimes stupid t-shirts. Like a T-Shirt Quilt but less stupid. Auction winners (and anyone else that wants one) will also have the option of getting the final poster that will feature all my t-shirts in their new homes.

I'll keep y'all posted but check ArmsDistance.blogspot.com for ongoing heart-felt t-shirt anecdotes, and check my ebay profile for the actual sale of the t-shirts.